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Women: Power is like Pollen?

The magical Power of Honey 

The magical Power of Honey 

I like honey.  As I was putting a teaspoon in  my tea this morning I was struck by the fact that twelve hardworking female bees created that teaspoon of honey.   During  their short lifespan of 30-60 days for a western honeybee.


The secret Matriarch:  The Queen Bee

The secret Matriarch:  The Queen Bee

Why would I talk about bees on this page?  Bees are one of the most fascinating  and underappreciated species  but to me the most fascinating is the structure of this complex  matriarchal society.    

The entire intricate system relies on the queen who exists for the sole purpose of propagating the hive.  She lays eggs.   That’s it.   To produce more worker bees.    Her life expectancy is much longer than that  of the worker bees.    She can live up to five years. The collective mind of the hive, made of 95 percent female worker bees,  runs the show,  not the queen.  The term matriarchal might imply that the Almighty Queen rules, but this is the exact opposite.  She is more like a servant,  she serves at the will of the hive. 

The male Bees: The population only has about five percent male bees.   The male bees do no work,  they lay around, eating honey,  and once they mate with the queen they die.     They exist for one and only function,  to ensure continuation of  the hive:  more bees for the future.  

The worker bees:  The other 95% of the hive are the  female workers.  They are born,   they go out, collect pollen,  keep the entire natural world and global economy  humming,  make honey,  and take care of the queen.  They serve the hive.   They also serve humanity and the planet.

A single worker bee will visit up to a few thousand flowers per day and produces around 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime while a colony together may visit up to 225,000 flowers per day and can produce 200+ pounds of honey in a single season, some have been recorded as producing around 600 pounds. 

So why talk about bees on a web page about  financial planning for women?  The lives of women tend to be much like those of a worker bee.    We keep things running, doing for others,  making it all spin.  But who takes care of us?   Who is going to make sure your financial future is like that hive, running like a well oiled machine?  That responsibility is going to fall on YOU.  I’d like to encourage you, empower you, to find out now where you stand.  Ask questions, gather the pollen you need to store up , and learn to create the honey that will be required for your future.  I can’t imagine a worker bee taking a spa day, or planning for early retirement, because it is not in their genetic and cultural DNA.  If you apply the industriousness and energy of that bee to YOUR goals, YOUR  hive,  and build the future you want,  your financial future will certainly benefit from enhanced focus.  The results you get are directly related the amount of energy you apply to those goals.

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