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Your First Meeting

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Have you ever met with a financial professional? To start, we will learn about your circumstances and your goals. 

We are dedicated to doing the “right thing” for you. To us, meaningful connections and frequent communication are critical to providing exceptional services and nurturing the most valuable thing: our relationship with you.

We want to exceed your expectations. We want to be transparent. Meaning: we will be clear on the three elements for success in investing:




If you feel nervous about your first meeting, just remember: RADICAL –

Reaching Out

About You

Delivering a plan


Coordinating a Follow-Up

Account Strategy 

Long-Term Strategy

Where Do We Start?

STEP 1: Reaching Out

The First Contact. Our first priority is you. We like to know our clients. Call us today so that we can begin to gather the information that we need to set up an introductory meeting.

Office Phone: (479) 488-4635

STEP 2: About You

The Introduction. This will be the consultation. In this meeting: We learn more about you, your financial situation, your family, and your goals. We begin our process by talking about your goals and what you want to accomplish. You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions about Old Fort and ourselves. 

Contact us for details about where we will be meeting. Our home office is in Fort Smith, AR but we are available to alternate meeting locations or zoom. Call us to discuss the options for setting up remote meetings.

The first consultation is always free of charge.

STEP 3: Delivering a Plan

After our initial meeting, we will have you take a risk assessment to better understand your tolerance to risk. Your risk tolerance could impact the next step in the process. 

Then, our team will begin devising customized strategies to fit your goals. We will move forward based on your preferences. If changes are necessary, we will work them in.

STEP 4: Implementation

Plan in action. Once we agree upon your strategy, our team will begin to set up new accounts, transfer funds and begin to organize and manage your financial life. You will have access to your accounts, so that you can see any changes that occur -- we never leave you in the dark! If you have any questions, you can always contact our team directly and we will be happy to help!

STEP 5: Coordinating a Follow Up

Strategy Session. To make sure that you are feeling secure and comfortable with your finances, we will keep in touch with you. After we put our plan in action, we will meet with you again to review. 

STEP 6: Account Strategy

We will walk through your financial plan, and review any recommendations we may have for you. Once we agree on plans moving forward, we get to work.

STEP 7: Long-Term Strategy 

We walk through and review your accounts, your financial dashboard and answer any questions that may have come up. We also set expectations for regular reviews. 

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